Lauren Leong Success Story

It's hard for me to pinpoint one example or a single experience that defines the success of what Scholars has been for me, mainly because there have been so many. But being able to meet such a diverse student body across the 4 years of my undergraduate years has truly been incredible. I used to only know the people in my class as a designated fundraising chair and even that was quite an experience. I went on the trip to Italy and saw people at the airport that I didn't even know belonged to our group. The same thing happens on Community Service Day and at the end of the year banquet.

Alex Willis Success Story

The Scholars program has afforded me the opportunity to grow as a student and leader. I can attribute a large part of my leadership experience to serving as class fundraising chair during my sophomore year.The sophomore class was expected to raise $8,000 to contribute to the annual community service project. As fundraising chair, my job was to come up with ideas for fundraisers and manage a class of forty students in executing the events. Raising $8,000 on a college campus is a difficult task, so I decided to take a pragmatic, value-add approach.

Andrea Cioffi Success Story

I am proud to be a PwC Scholar! One of the most incredible experiences I had with the program was the International Trip to South Africa in January 2013. I was extremely excited that we were being given the opportunity to travel to such an exotic location, and somewhere that I would never think of traveling to on my own; my excitement just continued to grow when we got there. We learned about the professional world in Johannesburg, became one with nature during a safari at Kapama River Lodge, and
were a part of history in Cape Town.

What is "OurSpace"?

As you know, the PwC Scholars have an annual end of the year Community Service Project, which we focus on Fundraising for throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, and ultimately aims to benefit the Binghamton community. This year, the Scholars have taken on a slightly more ambitious goal: OurSpace.

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