18 Dec

IMG_1257As the Fall semester comes to a close, the Scholars decided to have one final social event at the Ross Park Zoo, located in downtown Binghamton. In the past, the Scholars have visited the zoo, due to an involvement in a previous community service project. However, this event was purely social.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon day filled of good times and laughter. A total of 31 students, plus the entire Layish family attended the event. The Scholars attending were a mix of freshmen, sophomores and juniors. From snakes, to bears, to penguins and everywhere in between, the animals were a sight to see! The most popular animals were the river otters diving in and out of the water in their care-free and exciting way, and the bald eagle representing American pride. Each exhibit had information on the animal it displayed, many of which described the conservation of the animals.

Over the course of two hours, members of all grades interacted, networks were expanded upon, and hopefully, lasting friendships were made. Ultimately, that is the goal of any social event, and the trip to the Ross Park Zoo helped to accomplish just that. Finally, the entire group took a picture in front of the ranger station Scholars had built as part of the community service project years ago. We are eagerly looking forward to our social events upcoming in the Spring semester, including our annual ski trip to Greek Peak!



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