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The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Scholars Program is focused on developing future leaders through Academic Excellence, Professional Development, Community Service/Fundraising, and Unique Networking Opportunities. The goal is to attract superior students and challenge them to reach their full potential. PwC Scholars augment the normal SOM curriculum with additional requirements geared to better prepare them to excel in their careers. PwC Scholars are provided with special opportunities to enhance both their written and oral communication skills. To facilitate oral communication skills, Scholars are required to participate in reading and discussion sections each semester.

PwC Scholars are required to complete additional coursework in their primary field of management concentration, complete a second concentration in another management area, or minor in another university discipline. Additional benefits of the program include the opportunity to participate in the Scholars Junior Level International Experience and the sophomore level Case Competition. In addition, the Scholars have the opportunity to hear from a variety of successful speakers as part of the Scholars Speaker Series.



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