23 May

At the beginning of each Fall Semester, the Scholars EBoard puts on an annual Kickoff Event. At this event, old and new Scholars mingle and interact, reminiscing about past years and looking forward to the upcoming semester. Speeches are made by PwC Partner Matt Singer and PwC Campus Recruiter Lauren Palmer. This is an exciting start to the new semester for all Scholars, along with a great way for incoming Scholars, both Freshmen and Sophomores, to meet their upperclassmen peers.

In 2013, the event consisted of a scavenger hunt across campus. Scholars were put in small teams to compete against each other in a friendly, yet fierce competition. Last year, the Kickoff Event was held at Rec Park, where Stage I of the Our Space project had been completed just four months previously. This year, the Kickoff Event will take on an exciting new look that combines teamwork, collaboration, and competition. This an event you do not want to miss!

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