The PwC Scholars Program offers its members the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of committees. While each committee falls under the leadership of a specific E-Board member, it is primarily student-run and operates for either one or both semesters throughout the academic school year. Below is a list of the various committees offered in 2016-2017:

Community Service Committee
The Community Service Committee serves as a way for Scholars to get involved with the annual Community Service Project. Students on the committee assist in the strategic design of the project as well as serving as team captains on Community Service Day. The President leads this committee, however sub-committees may need chairs to direct them.

Marketing Committee
The Marketing Committee, lead by the Vice President of Communications, serves to create the various marketing documents needed for the Scholars program. These include: Marketing materials for fundraising events, brochures, posters, as well as any other materials needed during the year. This committee also focuses on ensuring that all events run by Scholars are publicized and that the word is out to everyone through our various social media platforms. Facebook updates, tweets, and even Instagram pictures keep those who follow Scholars social media in the loop about all of the program’s activities!

Admissions Committee
The Admissions Committee is focused on improving the application and admittance process for incoming freshmen Scholars. The team was initially tasked with interviewing key stakeholders to determine the ideal program, but now has evolved to address a key area for improvement within the program. This includes the creation & distribution of recruiting materials, reaching out to high school students via email & phone call, and coordinating events such as “Shadow a Scholar Day”.

Professional Development Committee
The Professional Development Committee, operating under the Vice President of Member Relations, focuses on the expansion of the PwC Scholars LinkedIn Page. This includes making sure scholars and alumni join the page, contacting alumni about different opportunities, and going into the future, the committee will be setting up networking sessions between scholars and alumni. Currently, the professional development committee is focused on the creation of a monthly “Alumni Spotlight” which will highlight a different scholars alumnus and their accomplishments post-graduation. The final product for the spotlight will be a nicely formatted document that is posted on the LinkedIn and sent out via email, along with a short form to fill out for students interested in a virtual networking session.