Date Auction Advertisement

The Date Auction is an annual Scholars fundraiser that affords students the opportunity to bid on “networking dates” with professionals and Binghamton faculty. These networking dates range from lunch or dinner to golf outings and paint balling.

The event took place on Thursday, November 13 in the C4 Multipurpose Room, located on campus. This was the 5th year that the Scholars have hosted the date auction, and it proved to be a success once again! Students in attendance bid on the auctionees, either individually or in groups, in an open-outcry auction setting. The highest bidder was then awarded the networking date with their respective professional or faculty member.

During the months leading up to the event, a committee of Scholars, ranging from freshmen to seniors, worked hard to plan and organize the auction. These students were able to secure 21 auctionees, market the event to students, and coordinate a logistics plan. Overall, the event generated $2,720 in profit for the Scholars program. Going forward, we plan to host the Date Auction annually in the fall semester.

Some of the Professors and professionals that were auctioned off include:

  • Zenith Optimedia CEO Dave Penski
  • PwC Assurance Partner Matt Singer
  • PwC Campus Recruiter Lauren Palmer
  • SOM’s Dean Dhillon
  • SOM’s Associate Dean Bobinski
  • Scholars Director Professor Layish
  • Professor Kamlet
  • Professor Jaussi
  • SOM Director of Career Services Chris Whitney
  • Visions CEO Tyrone Muse
  • EY Campus Recruiter Anna Sorsher
  • EY Campus Recruiter Jason Ketsen
  • KPMG Campus Recruiter Alicia Mucci
  • And so many more!