Ignite Team Picture

On September 17th, 2015, the Scholars Program hosted the 6th annual Ignite Competition. Held for the first time in the fall semester to better line up with recruiting cycles, the event attracted over 100 students and 15 firms to the University’s Mandela Room. Students were given the opportunity to interact with professionals through a series of problem solving challenges, fostering a more relaxed and interactive networking experience.


The Ignite Competition is one of the biggest recruiting events for the School of Management and the biggest fundraiser for the Scholars program. It is known largely for being entirely student run, this year by a committee of 18 Scholars. This year’s directors, Brandon Hohenberg and Nathaniel Kiff, were focused largely on expanding the event to attract new firms and aimed to serve almost as a dating service, linking the right students with the right firms for future employment. Their success can be seen largely by the overwhelming number of applications the committee received and also by the money raised to contribute to the Scholar’s community service project. This year’s Ignite Competition netted around $9,600, setting the new record for the largest and most successful fundraising event held by the Scholars Program.

A new partnership with the Fleishman Career Center also played a large role in the success of the event. Looking towards the future, there are plans to strengthen this new relationship and expand Ignite to include more students and firms to cover a wider range of majors.


For a more comprehensive description of the event and a list of firms that have attended, visit our new event website at binghamtonignite.weebly.com.