Each year, the PwC Scholars Program provides students with an international travel experience to various countries around the globe. Scholars, ranging from sophomores to graduate students, can have the opportunity to explore a new country for 10 days during the winter session, allowing them to learn more about that country’s culture as well as the business environment abroad. Past international trips have included countries such as Germany, South Africa, Italy, and Japan.

Alumni and former PwC Scholars president Theo Baktidy spoke of the international trip, stating “In short, all of the Scholars International trips have been amazing experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. They have also allowed me to be fairly well-traveled by the time I graduated from college. They are definitely something unique to Binghamton University and quite a few of the people I have met since starting work have been a bit jealous that I had the opportunity to participate in trips like this.”

Spain 2016


In January 2016, the Scholars crossed the Atlantic on their way to an unforgettable International Trip in Spain!  PwC professionals joined 30 students in their travels all across the country from January 9th to 19th.  Beginning in Madrid, the Scholars had the amazing opportunity toget a private tour of the Spanish Stock Exchange before meeting professionals in PwC’s Madrid office and learning about what makes business in Spain unique.  The Scholars quickly became immersed in the local culture, watching a traditional Flamenco show and viewing the art of Velázquez, Dalí and Goya.  We admired the ornate architecture of the Alcázar and ancient mosque turned Cathedral of Sevilla.  Day trips to Toledo and La Alhambra in Granada led to amazing views and left the Scholars feeling like they’d traveled back in time hundreds of years.  The trip came to an end in Barcelona, the beautiful coastal city whose highlights included the works of Gaudí like Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia and the 1992 Olympic Stadiums.  Everybody had a great time and we are all excited to see which country we’ll have the chance to explore next year.


Where can you find the scholars in 2017?


In January 2017, PwC Scholars will travel to China, spending time in Beijing, Shaghai, and Xi’an. Destinations include the Great Wall of China, Beijing Olympic Park, the Terracotta Warriors, and a day trip to the PwC offices in Shanghai.

Past International Trips


Japan, 2015

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