“The international trip to Italy was filled with plenty of incredible sights and even more amazing food. The beautiful museums, colorful streets and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence easily made it my favorite city in Italy, but the trip would not have been complete without a visit to Rome. Having the chance to explore the Coliseum and visit the Trevi Fountain was made for an unforgettable experience and a great way to end my time as a student in the Scholars program.” – Kimberly Brower, graduated 2014

Going to Italy with the PwC Scholars in January 2014 was an irreplaceable experience. We visited so many notable places that I had only imagined going to, such as the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Trevi Fountain, the hills of Tuscany and more. Not only was I able to travel to Milan, Florence and Rome, but I was able to do it with 30 scholars, many of which I had never met before. The Scholars International trip is an amazing way to see the world, gain new experiences, and also get to know scholars you may have never had the chance to interact with before.” – Molly Law, senior

Italy was an amazing trip where I think I ate half my body weight in cured meats, cheese, and pasta every day. There was a great balance of group activities mixed in with time where we could explore the areas we visited at our leisure and according to our own interests. We went to museums and even did a private tour of Vasari Corridor of the Uffizi. I really enjoyed seeing the coliseum and other ruins from Ancient Rome. I think that one of my favorite parts of the trip was our last minute trip to Tuscany where we went wine tasting, visited some small towns, and where I had some of the best food in my life.” -Theo Baktidy, graduated 2014