As a PwC Scholar, there are two required courses that all students must take. These courses help to promote professionalism, a core value of the program.

MGMT 150
MGMT 150 (Ethics in Business) is a 4-credit course. Freshmen take this class during the fall semester. Incoming sophomores take this class during the spring semester. The course focuses on enhancing your oral and written communication skills through several types of presentations on ethical issues throughout the semester. Whether it is an individual presentation, a group presentation, or a debate, students learn the skills necessary for speaking in front of a crowd in a professional, yet persuasive manner.

MGMT 350
This 4-credit course is usually taken in a scholar’s junior year. This class gives students a platform to work in groups on implementing their own initiatives. Teams develop projects of their choice with the goal of bettering the PwC Scholars program, the School of Management, Binghamton University, or the Binghamton community. Past projects have included implementing a “Shadow a Scholar” day and running an SOM apparel sale.