The 2015-2016 community service project was a renovation of the Salvation Army facilities in downtown Binghamton. The Salvation Army provides a soup kitchen for daily meals, a food pantry, and a bread line. The building is over one hundred years old and required maintenance in the kitchen, bathroom, storage areas, and dining

Over the course of two weeks, groups of Scholars headed to the Salvation Army to work on the renovations. For the work in the kitchen, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity to assist us in replacing the cabinets. This partnership proved to be vital to our project, as the volunteers taught many Scholars new skills and brought valuable knowledge. We also installed rubber flooring on the staircase leading down to the dining area, purchased a new industrial dishwasher, and installed more storage.


On the final Community Service Day, our PwC advisors and many program alumni joined us to finish up the renovations. The final touch was a mural on the dining room wall, designed and executed entirely by Scholars. At the end of the day, we served and ate dinner with the local community outside the Salvation Army, and were able to reveal the final result of our work.

Press Releases:

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