07 Sep

Starting the year off on a high note, the Scholars program participated in 7th annual Wendy’s Walk for Kids on August 30th. The goal of the walk was to raise money for programs to help children in the area realize their full potential. The funds generated from the walk are distributed among four local charities benefiting children. Walking for the OurSpace Project, over 100 scholars showed up to En-Joie Golf Course in Endicott, New York. Each class was divided into teams to compete for a greater turnout, adding a little competitive edge to garner support for a great cause. This year’s theme: Harry Potter, each class arriving in the colors of their designated Hogwarts House. Team captains led their class through a mile long trail along the course where, earlier, Scholars were present volunteering with registration and children’s activities in the Family Tent during the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open. In the end, the we raised over $1500 to contribute to the Wendy’s Walk and OurSpace and to expand our community service efforts, a key aspect of the program’s core values.

Alexandra Lambadarios, Sophomore


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