Gabe Rivera, Rebecca Ho, and Nate Oliver present their winning case in 2016.

During the spring semester,  all sophomores are required to register for the Scholars Sophomore Experience (MGMT 251). This is a zero credit course, but provides students with a chance to improve their analytical and problem-solving skills in a real world business situation. All sophomores are divided into teams of 4-5 students and are provided with a Harvard Business Case Competition. Students have two weeks to read and analyze their case, and prepare a presentation voicing their ideas and solutions. The first round of the competition is held on campus and judged by seniors in the Scholars program.

Once the finalists are announced in April, all sophomores have the exciting opportunity to travel to New York City, where they can visit the NYC PwC office and watch their fellow peers compete in the final round of the competition. In addition, the finalists present their cases in front of various PwC personnel, who choose the final winners of the competition. Past prizes for winners include a gift certificate to the Binghamton University Book Store or money that can be used towards the annual international trip.

Overall, the Sophomore Case Competition has provided sophomores with a unique educational experience, while also allowing them the chance to learn more about PwC.

Last year’s sophomore class, along with various alumni from the PwC Scholars Program

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