“During the international trip to South Africa we had the opportunity to snorkel with seals, go on safari, hike mountains and learn about the vast cultural history and events that have shaped South Africa into the country it is today. After our visit to the PwC office in Johannesburg, we had the chance to visit the SAB Miller factory to learn more about the development of their business over time. From exploring diamond mines to visiting Nelson Mandela’s jail cell on Robben Island, South Africa proved to not only be one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited, but the most interesting and alive.” – Kimberly Brower, graduated 2014

“I was really excited to go to South Africa especially since we did not think that the program advisors would ever pick it as a destination for the trip.  I was a little disappointed after being  too young to go to Australia, so I was super excited at that I was able to go to South Africa. This was the first trip that was planned by Professor Layish, as the program’s new adviser. It was an adventurous trip where we swam with seals, went on safari tours, climbed a mountain, and visited the headquarters of one of the largest beer companies in the world (SAB Miller). One of the most eye opening experiences in my life was seeing some of the townships where people live under corrugated steel roofs supported by mattress spring walls. These people survived on a few dollars a month, had next to nothing, but they were still some of the happiest people I have ever met and they were all so excited to meet us. I learned and saw so much on this trip; South Africa is so different than any country or place I had been to (and I have been to following  that trip when I went to Ecuador and Belize). I cannot imagine when I would have had the opportunity to go to South Africa that early in my life were it not for the Scholars Program trips.” -Theo Baktidy, graduated 2014